Amazing Love Quotes in english for girlfriend

22 Aug Amazing Love Quotes in english for girlfriend

Being in love is the best feeling , one can ever get in this universe . As our life is full of fluctuations , we all want to satisfy our souls in somehow .

Love is the solution for all your hurdles , which you are facing in life . So be in love , feel the love .

Love is not by chance , Love is not a mistake . It’s a matter of chance just give another chance to your life by injecting some love in it .



girlfriend shayari


girlfriend shayari


“Don’t want to hurt you
But can’t stop myself
To say that
I love your soul
More than you 😘😘”


girlfriend shayari


“Loneliness is worst feeling
and you are the one
who swiped it out
from my journey 😍😍”


girlfriend shayari


“I never felt that
much romantic as
I felt with you 🍻🍻”


girlfriend shayari


“You teaches me :-Roaming
here n there with
nothing in mind and
enjoying everyday if life .😘😘”


girlfriend shayari


“Oh My lovely lovely
I am feeling lonely lonely
Come and hug me
Otherwise I got
Melt slowly slowly 😍😍”


girlfriend shayari


“My life journey
Can’t be described
Without mentioning you
Because you are my soul
and I am your honey dew
😘😘 ”

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” Feel that you are mine

and you become mine .”



“Fight on bravely .
Life is short .
Give it up to for our love .”



“Fill the mind (with it )
day and night :
I will be with you at
every single piece of second.”


“Face the terrible .
Face it boldly .
We together can create awesomeness.”



“Even if I am on my last breath .
I always love you”



“Feel my love feel ;
feel for our love .”


“Come my love come .
This universe is welcome us
for our true love”



“Come out if you can of
this network of foolishness
they call this world .
Then I call you my love .”



“Desire nothing my love .
Give up all desires .
Let we create a new world of ours .”



“Bring your own lotus to blossom ,
the bees will come of themselves .”



“Bring in the light my love .
The darkness will vanish of itself .”


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love quotes 

” Moon is calling us
My darling
Come let’s we
Start a new life
Full of caring and sharing ”


“To love anyone personally is bondage . Love all alike ,then all desires fall off .”


” Unfurl that banner of love ”


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